Planning Committee Meeting

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Event Date: 
Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 10:00am

Draft October 14, 2021 Minutes

Announcements and Old Business:

  1. Discussion on forming an Active Transportation Advisory Group

Action Items:

  1. Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

    1. Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning accepting reports as evidence of UPWP Tasks

      1. Monroe County Traffic Signal/Sign Pole Asset Management (UPWP Task 7950) / Proposed Council Resolution 21-89 (Monroe County)

  2. Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

    1. Action concerning modifying the FFYs 2020-2024 TIP

    2. Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning amending the FFYs 2020-2024 TIP

  3. Long Range Transportation Plan

(No action items)

  1. Related Activities

    1. Recommendation to the GTC Board concerning Affirming the 2022 Genesee Transportation Council Host Agency Agreement between NYSDOT and GTCS Inc. / Proposed Council Resolution 21-91 (GTC staff)


  1. Status of UPWP Projects

  2. TIP Staff Modifications

  3. Federal Legislative and Funding Update

  4. Other GTC matters

  1. 2022 Meeting Calendar

  1. Public Engagement Highlights

  2. Member Agency and other Partner Updates