Mobility for Everyone

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A key focus of the Genesee Transportation Council is facilitating personal mobility the ability of everyone to travel conveniently where he or she needs to go in a reasonable amount of time.

Limited access to transportation has a significant impact on the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities. This includes the ability to access employment, health services, social and recreational opportunities, and higher education.

In our region, personal mobility may be a concern for the elderly, youth, single parents, the unemployed, low-income workers, the disabled, those who do not drive or own a car, and those for whom transportation costs are a burden.

Many of the challenges to achieving mobility for everyone will take time to address. The Genesee Transportation Council is proactively putting into place the steps needed to advance the process of change. We are engaged in the careful planning and collaboration that are necessary to create the circumstances for long-term success.

Key GTC Studies

Outlining the Contours of Our Future: Mobility for Everyone - Offers a broad policy rationale for responding to the driving forces and trends age structure, income, lifestyle, etc. that affect personal mobility in the Genesee-Finger Lakes Region.

Expanding the Conversation: Race, Income, Ethnicity, Transportation - Identifies specific transportation concerns of the regions low-income and minority populations and suggests a multi-pronged approach to addressing those concerns.

Our Burgeoning Senior Population: Remaining Mobile - Analyzes the travel and living patterns of persons 65 years of age and over in our region. These patterns and how they are expected to change will largely determine our options and opportunities for keeping seniors mobile.

Retaining Seniors to Revitalize Our Region - Documents the strong and growing economic importance of seniors and argues that successfully retaining seniors will give our region a competitive advantage over regions that dont.

Household Travel Survey Graphic Summary - The 2011 Rochester Area Transportation Study is based on a household travel survey conducted in September and October 2011. The survey collected detailed information from Rochester area households regarding their travel/trip characteristics. GTC has prepared a Graphic Summary of the findings.

Long Range Transportation Plan 2040 - The region's strategic foundation for developing cooperative transportation responses as issues and needs including personal mobility emerge in coming decades.

Coordinated Public Transit / Human Services Plan - A regional framework for coordinating and improving public and not-for-profit transportation services for seniors, persons with disabilities, and low-income individuals.

Key Initiatives

Thriving Communities Toolkit - A web-based resource for facilitating a greater, more integrated use of public transit, walking, bicycling, and cars. Guidance is tailored to the regions car-based settlement pattern.

Sage Commission - GTC is a partner in this regional initiative of the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency dedicated to improving the health care delivery system for seniors, including transportation access to medical care and other needed services.