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The following is an inventory of plans and studies prepared by GTC or member agencies as part of the Unified Planning Work Program. For your convenience, this inventory can be sorted by UPWP Task Number, Title, Lead Agency, or Completion Date.

Note: The inventory below includes only plans and studies for which documents are readily available in electronic format. If a specific plan or study of interest is not listed below, please contact GTC at (585) 232-6240 for further information.

The following reports and publications are available for download in PDF: Due to the large file size, right click on the links below and then "Save Link As" (or "Save Target As") for an easier download.

Task # Title Lead Agency Date Sizesort descending Area/Topic
7400 application/pdf icon Avon - State Routes 5 & 20 Land Use and Access Management Plan
  • Genesee Transportation Council (GTC)
March 2002 7.91 MB Corridor, Land Use, Municipal Planning
5370 application/pdf icon Optimizing Transportation Infrastructure Through Effective Land Use
  • Genesee/Finger Lakes Regional Planning Council (G/FLRPC)
September 2008 7.92 MB Land Use, Municipal Planning, Planning / Resources
7211 application/pdf icon North Clinton/South Clinton Avenue, St. Paul Street/South Avenue Two-Way Conversion Study
  • City of Rochester
August 2012 8 MB Operations
8740 application/pdf icon Regional Trails Initiative - Phase 2
  • Genesee Transportation Council (GTC)
March 2004 8.16 MB Bicycle & Pedestrian
7705 application/pdf icon Beh Industrial Park Traffic Optimization Study
  • Town/Village
July 2022 8.37 MB Bicycle & Pedestrian, Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking (CAP), Operations, Transportation Access
6805 application/pdf icon Village of Spencerport - Eastern Village Corridor Concept Study
  • Town/Village
December 2009 8.38 MB Corridor
6525 application/pdf icon Black Creek Trail Feasibility Study (Chili & Riga)
  • Town/Village
February 2013 8.46 MB Bicycle & Pedestrian
6800 application/pdf icon Brown's Square Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking Study
  • City of Rochester
November 2010 8.78 MB Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking (CAP)
6352 application/pdf icon Center City Circulator Study - Executive Summary & Appendices
  • City of Rochester
April 2011 9.12 MB Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking (CAP), Municipal Planning, Transportation Access
8171 application/pdf icon Livingston County Mobility Management Strategy
  • Livingston County
September 2021 9.56 MB Operations, Transit, Transportation Access
7573 application/pdf icon Routes 5&20 - 414 Corridor Study
  • Seneca County
January 2010 9.61 MB Corridor, Municipal Planning
6800 application/pdf icon Village of Fairport Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking Study
  • Town/Village
February 2010 9.74 MB Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking (CAP)
6232 application/pdf icon NYSDOT Highway Safety Investigations
  • New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)
April 2021 10.28 MB Data Development, Collection, & Analysis, Safety
7570 application/pdf icon Route 250 Corridor Study
  • Town/Village
  • Monroe County
December 2008 10.43 MB Corridor, Municipal Planning
6814 application/pdf icon Village of Avon Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking Plan
  • Town/Village
January 2021 10.47 MB Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking (CAP)
6360 application/pdf icon Downtown Seneca Falls Parking Improvement Study
  • Town/Village
February 2016 10.59 MB Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking (CAP)
6519 application/pdf icon Canalway Trail Realignment Study
  • NYS Canal Corporation
December 2000 10.67 MB Bicycle & Pedestrian
6524 application/pdf icon Urban Trail Linkages - Eastman and Genesee Riverway Trails Planning and Preliminary Design Study
  • City of Rochester
January 2013 10.81 MB Bicycle & Pedestrian
7576 application/pdf icon State Route 332 and Route 96 Sub-Area Study
  • Town/Village
  • Ontario County
December 2021 10.94 MB Bicycle & Pedestrian, Corridor, Land Use, Safety
6802 application/pdf icon Village of Arcade Main Street Corridor Study
  • Town/Village
October 2010 11.23 MB Corridor
7400 application/pdf icon NYS Route 31/Hamlet of Egypt Transportation Study
  • Genesee Transportation Council (GTC)
June 2001 11.49 MB Corridor, Land Use, Municipal Planning
5601 application/pdf icon Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Strategic Plan Update - Final Report
  • Genesee Transportation Council (GTC)
February 2011 12.04 MB Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Operations
8150 application/pdf icon Genesee-Finger Lakes Region Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan Update
  • Genesee Transportation Council (GTC)
August 2021 12.27 MB Transit, Transportation Access
8767 application/pdf icon Honeoye Hamlet Active Transportation Study
  • Town/Village
January 2021 12.29 MB Bicycle & Pedestrian
6800 application/pdf icon Village of Macedon Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking Study
  • Town/Village
December 2008 12.37 MB Circulation, Accessibility, and Parking (CAP)